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► Established in 2009 as part of the ONE51 group, Protech Plastics Containers produces, among other innovative packaging, the cylindrical bocans in sizes 2,5L and 5L. Click here to see the post.

► Click the image to play the 3d image. BoCan straight cylindrical cans have been licensed since early 90's and design is currently at its 4th generation. Contact us to find out more.

Products details

Flagship of our brand. The bocan straight container has been successfully marketed in many countries. This still innovative plastic can has become an awesome alternative to other production technologies to obtain a cylindrical fully decoratable container. This bucket is produced in one injection moulding shot (no need to mould the ring as it is integrated into the body, no welding). Simple, reliable and above all… cost effective. For sizes over 1.5L we can also provide our own technology for the handle dimple operation.

  • Application
  • Paint
  • Sizes
  • 0,5L – 8L (Øb = 80 – 240mm)
  • a = 60 to 280mm
  • Resin
  • PP copolymer (no available in hdpe)
  • Closure
  • Press fit / tool slot
  • Performance
  • Gasket-free H2O tight
  • Soft gasket string optional
  • Remarks
  • Looks alike metal cans
  • Suits the tinting systems
  • Video Licensee of BoCans


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