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► Single cavity 23L SuperPail peeloff mould running in a 550tn hybrid machine. Cycle time=21s / Wall thickness=2.1mm / Weight of container=860g. Homologated UN for liquids GroupIII.


► Black SuperPail for grease. Pifler evidence lid with a tear-off band incorporated. Plastic handle. Weight of pail=820g / Wall thickness=2mm / Cycle time=20s. Runs in a 600tn hybrid fast injection machine. Resin is HDP mfi=4.

► Single cavity 20L SuperPail peeloff mould running in a 600tn hydraulic machine. Cycle time=21s / Wall thickness=1.9 to 2.1mm. Mould is optimized to run in mould labels. Destination Far East region for water based paints. Lid has an in-made spout for pouring. Ask more details.

► Ultimate SuperPail is a 19L iml container to pass a drop test on side and 45deg bottom from 90cm. Material is polypropylene copolymer mfi=37. Peeloff band, pourer and tinting spouts (welded by ultrasounds). Lid can wear an optional gasket to achieve a superior tightness. Gasketfree lid is leakproof form more than 24h.

► Ultimate SuperPail renderized image to show final appearance to customers. We can provide realistic images while project is under development phases, hence our customers can check or show to clients how it will look like. Ask bocan about this special service and provide your own labels so we can do the digital assembly.

Products details

This tear-off pail will provide you the best combination between closure performance and easy opening. The removable band makes it tamper proof. Once it is removed then a special flap constructed in the lid back side allows you pull up from the lid to unsnap from the pail. Friendly use. The lid can also accept a liquid or rubber gasket for improved sealing requirements. Some of the Peel off SuperPails are commonly used for grease or other high viscosity chemicals where several container openings are requested.

  • Application
  • Grease / Viscous Products
  • Sizes
  • 2L – 23L (Øb = 120 – 310mm)
  • a = 150 to 400mm
  • Resin
  • PP copolymer / HDPE
  • Closure
  • Tear-off double lock
  • Performance
  • Gasket-free H2O tight
  • Soft gasket string optional
  • Remarks
  • Superior closure performance
  • Easy to use, reclosable


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