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► Production cell based in a 2 cavity 1000mL CylTainer mould with In Mould Labelling. Dims bucket=Ø110mmX120mm / Weight bucket=55g / Cycle time=11s with iml and take-off. PP copolymer mfi=30.


► CylTainer 2 cavity mould mounted into an electrical machine. 750mL bucket / Weight bucket=46g / Weight lid=12g / Cycle time=9s without iml / Free fall into a conveyor belt.


► CylTainer bucket with IML detail. Pilfer evidence flap. Green lid. Cycle time=11s with iml and take-off / PP copolymer mfi=36.


► CylTainer CANiPack from Imto series who produces those designs in sizes 0,8L and 1,1L for the paint market. For further info just go to 

► CylTainer newest version is simpler and easier to produce. Design is merged with the Saturn Pail to make a straight cylindrical container with the top rings. The challenge is to make it in polypropylene,.. ask why.

Products details

Small container (up to 5L) specially designed to be used with tinting systems. Easy to open and reclose by folding down/up a plastic flap in the top front of this container. The closure geometry has been carefully shaped to keep the seal even in the most truculent mixing devices, both vibrational and orbital ones. The container can be decorated in more than 90% of its visible surface. Full containers can be located each other when they are stacked. The lid also suits in-mould labelling.

  • Application
  • Paint / Sweets
  • Sizes
  • 0,5L – 5L (Øb = 80 – 180mm)
  • a = 60 to 200mm
  • Resin
  • PP / HDPE
  • Closure
  • Internal engagement
  • Performance
  • Gasket-free H2O tight
  • Remarks
  • Friendly use
  • Suits the tinting systems


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