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► Pourer spout pails. We can suggest a wide range of spouts to fulfill your technical needs. Some of them are UN apporved and so compatible also with the UN SuperPail series. The SmartPack is being marketed in India for lube oil and chemicals. In picutre 23L lid Ø310mm with a tamper evidence pourer spout. Weight of lid=160g / Rubber gasket for improved sealing performance / Cycle time=14s / Injection machine 300tn / Resin HDPE mfi=12.


► Double cavity mould for a 20L lid mounted in a 500tn injection moulding machine. Cycle time=15s / Weight of each lid=180g / Free fall through a double slider into a conveyor belt.


► RhinoTainer 20L with a tear-off band for opening. Heavy Duty pail for paint. Weight of bucket=810g / Weight of lid=180g / Pourer spout, metal handle and plastic tube. Container is decorated by dry offset and the top crown of pail glues a plastic label.

Products details

Heavy duty nesteable round container with a special closure profile which makes it extremely tamper evidence. When closed, the edge of the lid is hidden & protected from outside. Superior leakproofness performance even without the use of any gasket. The opening can be designed in different ways, including a tear-off band or some folding cornices among some others.


  • Application
  • Heavy Duty

  • Sizes
  • 15L – 23L / Ø260-Ø330mm
  • Resin
  • PP / HDPE
  • Closure
  • Inner closure / tamper evidence
  • Performance
  • Gasket-free H2O tight
  • Drop from 1.2m
  • Remarks
  • Gasket string optional
  • Spout available
  • Super tamper proof


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