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► Double lock SuperPails for paint with tear-off band produced in sizes 5L and 2,5L. Weight 5L bucket=280g / Cycle time bucket=13s / Wall 5L thickness=1.5mm / Resin PP copo mfi=15 / Weight 2,5L bucket=160g / Cycle time bucket=11s / Wall 2,5L thickness=1.25mm .


► Detail of the tear band grip in a 10L SuperPail DLock. The clodure of the DLock can combine the peel-off band with a lever for easier opening. Follow the sequence: remove the band and then pull up the lever to help you unsnap the lid.


► Double cavity lid mould for a 10L SuperPail DLock. Wall thickness=1.4mm / Cycle time=13s / Injection moulding machine 360tn / Resin polypropylene copolymer mfi=20.

Products details

Double lock high safe closure combined with a tear-off band and a lever opening system. The locking makes it perform when drop, the band makes it tamper evidence and the lever makes it easy to open. All in one. This unique container is normally produced as a heavy duty with volumes up to 20L. Pourer spout and gasket can also be provided.

  • Application
  • Paint / Chemicals
  • Sizes
  • 2L – 20L / Ø130-Ø310mm
  • Resin
  • PP / HDPE
  • Closure
  • Overcup lid double lock
  • Tamper evidence
  • Performance
  • Gasket-free H2O tight
  • Drop from 100cm
  • Remarks
  • Heavy but easy to use
  • Spout available


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