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► Polypropylene 12L QuadTainer with flip-top lid. Also provided with a tinting spout in the fixed backside of the lid. Weight of bucket=420g / Weight of lid=110g / Cycle time bucket=12.5s / Injection machine for a 2 cavity mould 800tn.


► QuadTainer flip-top in his user position. Fit the roller, wet it and roll it against the grid made under the lid. Easy. The lid engages with the handle in an angled position to optimize the use of the roller. Container is free-gasket water tight (patent).


► Double cavity mould for a 12L QuadTainer. Injection moulding machine 800tn / Cycle time=12.5s withou IML / CuBerilium parts for improved cooling.


► Twin cavity mould for a FlipTop QuadTainer lid for a 12L bucket. Double injection point per cavity for easier filling. Weight of lid=110g / Cycle time=12s / Injection moulding machine 500tn.

Products details

A ready-to-roll concept. Just buy your paint container, your paint roller and start painting. The lid is transformed into a grid as you fold it up. Squeeze the roller on and  the surplus paint falls into the container again. Innovative and functional design easy to use. Two levers in the bucket front face allow you open the lid with ease. A tinting spouts can be also accommodated in the backside of the lid.

  • Application
  • Paint / Pet food
  • Sizes
  • 4L – 18L / up to sq.280mm
  • Resin
  • PP copolymer
  • Closure
  • Overcup single lock / levers
  • Performance
  • Gasket-free H2O tight
  • Remarks
  • Friendly use ready-to-roll
  • Innovative design


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