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Special BoCan equipments

We design and make auxiliary machines and devices to make your process easier and trusted.
Innovative solutions to improve sealing performance by means of a low-cost gasket string. Simple and reliable stackers for containers or lids. Handle fitting machines which incorporate a visual control. Ask BoCan to advise you also about product quality control devices to suit your needs.

 01. Postforming of bocans

Our cylindrical bocan container needs a simple special equipment beside the injection machine.
This device folds down the rim and sizes the top diameter to the right desired value to match the lid. Running under a license agreement (patented technology).

 02. Gasket applicators

Semi & auto machines to apply a gasket string into the lids in order to provide an outstanding thighness performance.
The sealing member is much cheaper than other standard technologies but performs amply to match the needs.

 03. Handle fitting machines

Automatic and semiauto machines for plastic (flat or curved) and metal handles. We can even provide a metal handle forming station so when in production you will only need to purchase the steel wire (coils) and the plastic tubes. High authonomy and cost effective.

 04. Dimple stations

Special invention to integrate the handle into the container side wall.
US48964xxPat. As it is no hole then there is no risk of leakage but the handle is tightly fitted into the dimple hole.

 05. Special belts

To connect different machines. Taylor made transport and handling of your components. Turn up down containers. Collect buckets from the bottom of the IMM when they fall free from the mould or just transport the products in a controlled sequence among other applications.

 06. Stackers

Container and lid automatic stackers and other simple automation to make your product handling easier.
Containers with or without handles (metal or plastic). Lids of any size and shape. Visual control can be also integrated into this equipment.

 07. Visual control systems

Video camera devices will detect wrong labels, faulty parts, flashing issues or even printed wrong colours. This equipment can easily be integrated into other machines such as handle fitting, stackers or robots. The interface is customized to provide a signal to other equipment or just an alarm. Parameterization of items to control and also setting of the criteria are also user friendly.

 08. Measuring lab devices

BoCan can also support you with product and process control procedures as well as supply the suitable equipment for product measuring and testing. 1- Dimensional analysis  2- Thermal control and study for optimization  3- Mechanical test devices and interpretation of results  4- Flow analysis for optimal design and process among other possibilities.