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► Yellow SuperPail UN series container with pourer spout. Homologated according to UN/ADR for flammable liquids Group III. Weight pail=850g / Weight lid=210g / Weight handle=35g / Cycle time pail=20s / Cycle time lid=18s / Resin=HDPE high impact mfi=4.


► Red homologated UN lid for a 23L SuperPail. Including pourer spout. Weight=210g / Wall thickness=1,9mm / Cycle time=18s.


► Single cavity lid mould for a UN series SuperPail lid with peel-off tear band. Cycle time=19s / Wall thickness=1,9mm / Resin HDPE mfi=8.

superpail mould

► Single cavity pail mould for a 23L SuperPail UN series. Injection of HDPE high impact mfi=4 in a high speed Husky machine. Wall thickness=2,0mm / Cycle time=18s. Ask BoCan for details about this outstanding product.


► UN tests for flamable liquids requires among other chalenges to submit the container under water pressure for more than 1bar and 30min. No drops to be observed. The one in the picture was tried at 1,6bar for the same time with success.

Products details

Outstanding heavy duty pail to match the severe UN standards for transportation of dangerous goods. Pick out this design if you require a pail with the highest drop performance, hermeticity, and stacking strength in any environmental condition. Our utmost challenge has been to reach a unique homologated 23L pail for flammable liquids, but do not hesitate to ask BoCan for other dares.

  • Application
  • Chemicals / lube / chlorine
  • Sizes
  • 1L – 23L (Øb = 100 – 320mm)
  • a = 120 to 450mm
  • Resin
  • High impact HDPE
  • Closure
  • Double lock
  • Performance
  • Gasket lid H2O waterproof 120KPa
  • Drop from 0,8m at -18ºC
  • Stacking 6 highs 28days / 40ºC
  • Remarks
  • Matches UN standards for liquids
  • Spout / breather available


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