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thermosealing device1

► Equipments for thermosealing plastic containers under controlled atmosphere. Ask BoCan and we will forward your requests to the suitable machine supplier.


► Thermosealed FilmTainer and protective lid. Size=2,5L / Weight bucket=105g / Weight lid=30g / Cycle time bucket=7s / Injection moulding machine 225tn for a 2 cavity mould. Offset printing.

Products details

Select this pail when you want to preserve the content and give it a longer self life, suitable for perishable foods. The FilmTainer closure geometry is compatible with a thermosealed film. The lid shields the film and allow you reclose the pail after use it. Other designs can be customized to become thermosealed as the DanTainer or the PlumeTainer.

  • Application
  • Food / Perishables
  • Sizes
  • 1L – 10L / Ø100-Ø270mm
  • Resin
  • PP copolymer
  • Closure
  • LeverTainer
  • DanTainer
  • PlumeTainer
  • Performance
  • Preserves content
  • Air tight, easy opening
  • Remarks
  • Ask BoCan for thermosealing
  • equipments and machines.


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