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►8L OvalTainer bucket with lid and plastic handle. Decorated by IML. Weight bucket=340g / Weight lid=85g / Cycle time bucket=12s with iml label and take-off. Resin PP block copo mfi=30.


►8L OvalTainer pail mould single cavity. Pail weight=340g / Cycle time=11s with iml and take-off. Same as DanTainer closure profile makes the mould easy maintenance as there are no moving parts.

Products details

This light or medium weight pail with oval shape has become popular for paints in northern Europe. Wider paint rollers fit inside than the equivalent-volume round pails. Decorated area is also larger specially in the front side which makes it spotligth in the market shelves. The closure can be inspired in the DanTainer geometry or configured as a standard overcup one.

  • Application
  • Paint / Others
  • Sizes
  • 2.5L – 18L / ov200-310mm
  • Resin
  • PP copolymer
  • Closure
  • Overcup with pilfer evidence
  • Performance
  • Gasket-free H2O tight
  • Tamper evidence
  • Remarks
  • Spotlight in market shelves
  • Wider paint rollers


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