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► Single cavity 23L SuperPail peeloff mould running in a 550tn hybrid machine. Cycle time=21s / Wall thickness=2.1mm / Weight of container=860g. Homologated UN for liquids GroupIII.


► Black SuperPail for grease. Pifler evidence lid with a tear-off band incorporated. Plastic handle. Weight of pail=820g / Wall thickness=2mm / Cycle time=20s. Runs in a 600tn hybrid fast injection machine. Resin is HDP mfi=4.

Products details

This tear-off pail will provide you the best combination between closure performance and easy opening. The removable band makes it tamper proof. Once it is removed then a special flap constructed in the lid back side allows you pull up from the lid to unsnap from the pail. Friendly use. The lid can also accept a liquid or rubber gasket for improved sealing requirements. Some of the Peel off SuperPails are commonly used for grease or other high viscosity chemicals where several container openings are requested.

  • Application
  • Grease / Viscous Products
  • Sizes
  • 2L – 23L (Øb = 120 – 310mm)
  • a = 150 to 400mm
  • Resin
  • PP copolymer / HDPE
  • Closure
  • Tear-off double lock
  • Performance
  • Gasket-free H2O tight
  • Soft gasket string optional
  • Remarks
  • Superior closure performance
  • Easy to use, reclosable


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