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► Saturn 18L pail with metal handle and plastic tube. Wall thickness=1.9mm / Weight=720g / Cycle time=19s / Injection moulding machine 550tn / Resin HDPE low mfi.

superpail mould

► Pail mould for a Saturn container 20L. Cycle time=20s / Weigth of bucket=780g / Resin HDPE low mfi / Injection moulding machine 550tn.


► Inmet from Venezuela makes a full range of heavy duty Saturn Pails where BoCan has been cooperating in the design and development of fast and relable moulds.

Products details

Standarized in the North American market, this popular design is simple, robust and easy to produce. Closure can be designed with one or two locks and lid design is tamper proof. The rings in the top of the bucket give it the planet name and provide sufficient stiffness minimizing polymer weight and cycle time. Choose it when you look for functionality, hardness and economy.

  • Application
  • Paint / Chemicals
  • Sizes
  • 2L – 25L / Ø130-Ø330mm
  • Resin
  • HDPE / PP
  • Closure
  • Overcup lid 1 or 2 locks
  • Tamper proof
  • Performance
  • Gasket-free H2O tight
  • Drop from til 120cm
  • Remarks
  • Standarized product
  • Spout available
  • Simple and robust design


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